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We share here a few simple steps to optimize the maintenance and durability of your clothes and linen.

Who has never stained an item of clothing? So, do you know the first step to take to maximize the chances of saving your garment? Hold it in: Gently rub the stain on the fabric with warm water, using a cloth. No soap or products needed, just hot water. Be careful with the exception: on a blood stain, use cold water, as the hot water will fix the blood as it “cooks” it.

The longer you wait to take your stained garment to the dry cleaners, the more the stain will set in and be difficult to remove. So don’t delay. Remember: the garment should not be washed without knowing the proper treatment. Machine washing will tend to fix the stain.

Be sure to keep your clothing labels, as the information they contain is invaluable for proper fabric care.

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