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Textiles & care


Stain removal, disinfection, cleaning, laundry, ironing


Primer, anti-mites, starch, anti-moths, waterproofing


Laine, soie, polyester, lin, viscose, cuir, cachemire, coton…


Clothing, linens, accessories, leather & suede, motorcycle helmets...

Our cleaning techniques

All clothing is pre-brushed on the collar, sleeves and pockets and all specific stains are treated with task-specific stain removers.

We use an odorless modified alcohol solvent with a strong degreasing power that respects the fibers while leaving a finish on the clothes. This gives them a better hold while retaining the colors.

The basket is mounted in an enclosure that includes motors, pumps, filters, still, recovery coils, storage tanks, fans, and a control panel. There is a constant flow of clean solvent from the pump and filter system. The solvent is constantly spraying into the basket and chamber – not only submerging the clothes, but also dropping them and gently knocking them against the baffles in the cylinder. Dirty solvent is pumped continuously through the filter and recirculates without dirt as it remains trapped in the filter.

The next cycle quickly drains and rotates the clothes to expel the solvent and then enters a dry cycle by circulating hot air through the clothes. The remaining fumes and solvents are vaporized with hot air and then condensed on cooling coils.

The distilled solvent is separated from the water (which may have remained in the clothing or the system) and returns to the reservoir as distilled solvent. As any moisture that may have condensed in the water during the process floats on top of the perc, it is relatively easy to separate it.

Used for delicate parts with, for example, imitation leather facings or upholstery that would not withstand the solvent of dry cleaning.
Aqua-cleaning is a specific method of cleaning with water, carried out in a professional washing machine (almost similar to domestic equipment) with an additive detergent. The gentle rotating movement of the drum allows gentle treatment of the laundry, without damaging the fibers. The laundry which comes out of the washing machine crumpled and wet, must then be put in the dryer. This precisely controls the temperature and residual humidity to protect the most delicate textiles and prevent any risk of clothing shrinkage. For the finish, a specific ironing board is used, blowing and / or vacuuming, hot or cold.

We are equipped with specific ironing boards, blowing and / or vacuuming, hot or cold to optimize the result of each room.

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